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#MakeOverMonday: Employment Growth in G7

2/02/2017 02:25:00 PM

For the first time I was involved in a weekly social data project called MakeOverMonday. Each week they post a link to a chart, and its data, and then you can rework the chart. The curiosity is to see if someone else can retell the story more effectively, or find a new story in the data.
What I liked the most of this week is the challenge to make something esthetically pleasing and creative from a little dataset. Proving that we don't necessarily need a lot of data to create something beatiful and carry out significant informations.

This one was the dataset:

I choose to use a waffle chart to visualize this data. I was tired of cake charts and bar charts, and I've never used this kind of graph. So I looked at this post of Andy Kriebel, and downloaded the template for the grid layout here.

At the end I modified the first dataset a bit, to add the lines in the middle of my Viz.
This is the dataset modified:

The dataviz was published on InfoData - Il Sole 24 Ore at this link:

Here's the result of my first #MakeoverMonday:

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