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European Railway Lines

2/17/2017 11:18:00 AM

Eurostat has recently released some data on European railway lines. Last January 25 have been made public the data on mileage length of railway lines in 37 states of the continent.The day after Eurostat added the dataset that focuses on the amount of passengers carried in million-km. By crossing the two datasets, I tried to highlights some interesting numbers on the rail transport system in Europe.
Germany, with 41,161 km, has the longest rail transport network of the continent, even doubling eight of the remaining nine country taken into analysis.

The other important fact is that relating to passenger transport. The graphics intuitively summarizes the data of passengers -km published by Eurostat. Every seat occupied in the graphic represents 1,000 million passengers. France surpasses Germany, with 91,653 passenger-km than German 90 768.

You can read my full article (in italian) on InfoData Blog - Il Sole 24 Ore, at this link:

Here's the dataviz:

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