domenica 20 agosto 2017

Education and Foreign Languages
I created a new dataviz from Eurostat data, where you can find the average of languages studied for each European country and the percentage of English, French and German students.

Pencils represent the average number of foreign languages learned for pupils in secondary education (ISCED 2 and 3). The classrooms, on the other hand, represent the percentages of all upper secondary pupils (ISCED 3) who are learning English, French or German. Percentages refer only to general and non-vocational education in countries where English, French, or German are described as foreign languages in the curriculum or other official document.

You can read my article correlated on Info Data - Il Sole 24 ore:

Click below and go to the interactive Viz!

Filippo Mastroianni was born on March 14, 1988 in Milan. Data Analyst and Consultant for The Information Lab Italy, approaches the data-driven world from a humanistic background. He graduates with a thesis on Data Journalism and discovered his great passion for Data Visualization. Since 2016 he regularly collaborates with Il Sole 24 Ore. Author of several Viz of the Day, he is currently Tableau Ambassador and Tableau Featured Author.

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