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How parties voted the proposed Constitution

12/05/2016 05:39:00 PM

After the first exit polls, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced on a midnight press conference his resignation the next day. In his speech, Renzi assumed a full responsibility for the referendum defeat.

In accordance with Article 138 of the Constitution, a referendum was called because the constitutional law had not been approved by a qualified majority of two-thirds in each house of parliament in the second vote. The constitutional referendum rejected the law by 59.11% of the votes, meaning the constitutional reform will not come into effect.

But how we arrived to the constitutional referendum?

The proposals passed both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate six time, three for each house. After that Renzi announced that he would hold a referendum to secure the endorsement of the Italian people for the change.

This is how italian parties voted the proposal.

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